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Building & Condo information

Mackenzie Gardens

2880 W 33rd Ave, Vancouver West, V6N 2G2 VVWMH - MacKenzie Heights

  • Levels: 2
  • Suites: 8
  • Status: Completed
  • Built: 1989
  • Type: Freehold Strata
  •  Bldg#: 3498

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Dear Clients, our Sales History information is behind by approximately 1 year - we cannot post the sale history of any property until the property has transferred to the new owner, at that time it becomes public record - please see the attached sample of a typical sales history report that you will see after you have signed up (attachments number 1 & 2). Once you see the report for any particular building and want the sales history as of today, we can provide you with that info by requesting or clicking on the "Sales History as of today" button (attachment #3 sample) You will get a report like this and/or any other particular building that you are interested in. If it is another building, please put the building address in the notes section of the request. Please give us up to 12 hours to provide you with that updated Sales History report.
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